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Subdivision: Martinshaw - Austin, Texas

Subdivision: Martinshaw - Austin, Texas


Susie’s ex-husband unexpectedly passed away and she was extremely overwhelmed with the probate process. Due to the fact her son was under the age of 18, she had to step in and become the legal executor for the property. And while being the executor she also had to take on the expenses of her ex-husband’s property for the entire duration of the probate process to ensure that payments do not fall behind all while having to pay for her personal bills, it was understandably, an uncomfortable stretch.

Due to the fact, her property was not prim and proper like the other properties for sale in the area; she was very leery of her ability to sell the property as quickly as she needed to. When our licensed Home Advisor Megan, came out to meet with Susie, she made it very clear that selling this property as-is, and as quickly as possible was her top priority.

We are happy to say, to this day, this property maintains our fastest to sell, as the property was not even listed off-market for 5-hrs when we received a sight-unseen offer, with no inspection period.


3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

HOME SQFT: 1,403

acreage size: APPROX. 0.298